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Attic Entry Stairs Installations

What To Expect

To prepare for a smooth attic entry stairs installation please review the following:


Arrival and Departure Times
Our installation crew typically arrives between 8:00am - 10:00am on the day of install and will work until 5:00pm.  During the scheduling process, you will be given a more specific time frame.


Our Process
When we arrive at your home, our installer will introduce himself to you. Please understand that this is a work area and things can often times get loud and messy. When the job is complete, we will shop-vac the work areas to leave it as clean as possible. If you have any questions during the installation, don’t hesitate to ask our installer or Production Manager in the office questions. 

The Work Area

The installer will need access to the area below the attic opening and the surrounding area below.  Any storage in the attic will need to be moved 2-3 ft back from the opening above. 


Potential Drywall Damage
During any home renovation, there may be minor damage to the plaster/drywall (this is normal).  Although we do our best to prevent this from happening, sometimes it is inevitable.  If this does occur, it is best that you hire an expert to repair those areas.  We also do not paint the new trim or nail holes.

If you are a proud pet owner, we would appreciate your help in keeping an eye on them and keeping them away from any work areas as much as possible.  This is both for your animal’s safety and our crew’s safety.


How Long Will It Take?
A basic attic entry installation will typically take 2 1/2 to 3 hours to complete.

Please plan on being home when the installation is complete. Please review our work and feel free to ask questions on how to operate and clean you new windows and doors! Upon review, please sign our job completion certificate and give to our crew chief. If you have any concerns, do not hesitate to call the Production Manager in the office. Enjoy your attic entry stairwell.  

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